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31 May 2016 - 3rd Forensic strengthens Police fight against prolific crime.

"Whilst facial recognition systems have often been seen as the solution to identifying criminals, by using object recognition technology, Scotland Yard has achieved a world first in linking crimes and identifying a prolific burglar, resulting in a total of 11 convictions for multiple burglary offences..." Read more


21 April 2016 - City of London Police adopt The Latest British Crime-Fighting Technology.

"The City of London Police and British security software specialists, 3rd Forensic Limited, today announce the formal adoption by the City of the 3rd Forensic FILM (Forensic Image Linking and Management) system, after extensive field trialling and proving. An advanced software solution that collates thousands of images, FILM enables fast searching through images, suspect identification and the linking of them to active and cold cases..." Read more


6 April 2016 - Scotland Yard use cutting edge 'FILM' technology to bring gang of prolific thieves to justice

"...Following the sentencing of multiple offender Austin Caballero to 3.5 years imprisonment at Blackfriars Crown Court on Friday, April 1st 2016, it has been revealed that Caballero was one of a gang of five criminals, committing a long series of similar offences – 85 in all..." Read more


21 March 2016 - Recognition for making this a safer world

"...British crime-fighting software solution specialists 3rd Forensic Ltd have been recognised for the second time in four years with a top Security Innovation Award for their unique police investigators’ tool-kit - Forensic Image Linking and Management  – FILM – Mk III..." Read more


29 February 2016 - Profesional Security - FILM for Scotland Yard

"...According to IHS, there were 245 million professionally installed video surveillance cameras active and operational globally in 2014. The question is – what were these cameras producing? Were they preventing crime or detecting crime? The stark fact is that no one really knows..." Read more


29 February 2016 - Police Oracle - Super skills: solving crimes with extraordinary people.

"...Specially skilled “super recognisers” – and the technology that helps them identify suspects by comparing CCTV footage and other images – can plug the police service’s long-standing inability to link crimes properly, according to Metropolitan Police Commander Simon Letchford...."  Read More


28 February 2016 - Police Oracle - The missing link.

"...Budget pressures in all aspects of policing are creating an ever-increasing need for new and better tools to help officers and staff get the results they need at the lowest possible cost. New technologies that aid investigations and criminal detection offer an important way of achieving this. Police forces worldwide are increasingly seeking proven technologies that enhance current practices and deliver real improvements in efficiency, cost-effectiveness and quality of working life..."  Read more


22 February 2016 - Crime Busting Technology Transforming the Face of Criminal Convictions.

"...Dangerous knife-point criminal jailed for 16 offences, thanks to top detective work and a unique new British high-tech system for searching rapidly through files of images to identify suspects..."Read more


21 February 2016 - Scotland Yard Super Recogniser Eliot Porritt, FILM user and enthusiastic advocate, explains to the Financial Times how he puts names to faces.

"...Earlier this year, on the basis of his experience in using the 3rd Forensic FILM system in the Proactive Super Recogniser Unit at New Scotland Yard since May 2015, Detective Sergeant Eliot Porritt reported that

'By combining policing skills, the scientifically proven ability of Super Recognisers and FILM’s core database technology, we have a truly innovative and powerful weapon.

This is a huge step forward in the war against crime'.

In the wake of the outstanding successes being achieved by his unit, Detective Sergeant Porritt, was asked by Jeremy Taylor to tell the readers of the Financial Times how he and his colleagues use their special “Super Recogniser” skills when using the FILM system in their fight against crime throughout London..." Read more


19 February 2016 - Sky News Another prolific criminal caught and convicted thanks to FILM.

"... The famous 3rd Forensic digital villain-catching technology was in the news again today, the 19th of February 2016, as convicted prolific knife-crime offender Craig Adams returns to court for sentencing. On being presented with the image evidence gathered by the Metropolitan Police using the 3rd Forensic FILM system, Adams pleaded guilty and was convicted for 16 crimes, including commercial robbery and residential burglary..." See Sky News footage


February/March 2016 - CCTV footage is a goldmine of evidence, but it's woefully underused.

"...Police Product Insight article highlights the need for wider use of FILM from 3rd Forensic..." Read more


February/March 2016 - The Super Recognisers.

"...How a natural talent is being put to work on CCTV evidence.." Read more


09 February 2016 - FILM User wins top Police Award"

"...At a recent police award ceremony, a FILM-using detention officer picked up the top award, presented to him by London Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe.  Idris Bada, based in Westminster, was recognised for his record-breaking performance in making 369 identifications of thieves, burglars, fraudsters and other offenders during 2014/'15, as well as submitting court-ready evidential statements, while also carrying out his full-time role as a dedicated detention officer in a busy West End custody suit. 

Welcoming this prestigious award to a member of the MPS Super Recogniser team, Imaging Unit Head DCI Mick Neville said – “As part of our London-wide FILM system, Idris and his colleagues are able to use their special skills to make many identifications that would otherwise be impossible.  It's a very satisfying example of talent and technology working together..." Read more 





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