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38 Gravel Rd, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 6JJ, United Kingdom.

Incorporated and Registered in England and Wales. Company number: 7615900

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About Us

Based in the UK, 3rd Forensic Limited is a private company, established in 2011 to serve global markets in law enforcement, criminal justice and other areas seeking improved crime prevention. 

Born out of a close collaboration between the Metropolitan Police Service and a small group of British techno-entrepreneurs, 3rd Forensic was established to create a new range of software tools to deploy in the fight against crime and disorder – initially focussing on the step-changes in image management software required to cope with the challenges of the 2011 London riots.

The company’s now famous Forensic Image Linking and Management (FILM) solution, was proven as a successful prototype through 2011 and  welcomed into daily use by the Metropolitan Police Service in 2012. 

In 2013 the UK Home Office recognised FILM with an Innovation Award for its

“significant impact on crime prevention, uniqueness in the market and excellent value for money”

(Judges’ Verdict - UK Home Office Security Technology Innovation Awards 2013) - 12 March 2013 - UK Home Office Security Exhibition

In 2016 the UK Home Office recognised 3rd Forensic Limited, for the second time in four years with a top Security Innovation Award for their unique police investigators’ tool-kit - Forensic Image Linking and Management – FILM – Mk III, in

"Recognition for making this a safer world"

(Judges’ Verdict - UK Home Office Security Technology Innovation Awards 2016) - 21 March 2016 - UK Home Office Security Exhibition


FILM is now firmly established as a vital tool in the fight against volume crime at Scotland Yard and in other forces.

Building on this success, 3rd Forensic continues to focus on advanced image management solutions for law enforcement communities and other public and corporate customers.  In addition, the company provides specialist consultancy and development services for customers requiring bespoke solutions.

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