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Markets & Customers

3rd Forensic crime-fighting tools were originally conceived for detectives, investigating officers and others directly engaged in crime prevention, law enforcement and criminal justice; but are also highly relevant to a number of other organizations and to the community at large.

Crimes such as theft and fraud are of sufficient concern to many businesses to justify in-house investment in prevention, detection and counter-measures.

Where this work involves the exploitation of CCTV and/or other imagery, the 3rd Forensic FILM solution adds significant value – in terms of speed, effectiveness and efficiency - delivering crime-busting advantages that CCTV has long promised but never before delivered.

Where in-house counter-measures include 3rd Forensic’s FILM solution, both crime prevention and crime clear-up are greatly enhanced – speeding up the process of identifying problem areas, targeting prevention measures, identifying suspects and reporting crimes accurately to the Police.

In addition to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, FILM solutions deliver significant advantages to:- 

  • retail and leisure premises;

  • finance and banking organizations;

  • educational establishments;

  • healthcare facilities;

  • national ports of entry; and

  • all areas making their own contribution to crime prevention and clear-up.

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